Marlborough Federation

There are five WIs in the Marlborough Federation.

  • Dillon's Point
    Meetings are held at members' homes on the 2nd Tuesday each month. Members bring their lunch to 'chat & share' at noon followed by the meeting and a craft activity. Contacts are Joan Vercoe (03) 578 5939 or Amy Cannon (03) 578 3361
  • Hapuku
    The most distant WI it is in the Kaikoura area and meets in members' homes and other venues around the area. They meet at a time and date decided at each meeting. A phone tree ensures everyone is notified of meeting times, date and place. The contact woman is Nell Aitken either on email at or 027 431 1193
  • Picton
    This WI meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month in the Holy Trinity Church Hall at 12 noon. Members bring their lunch and the meeting begins at 1.00pm. They do have away trips so it is best to contact Fran Hartley (03) 573 9242 or email or Jill Vercoe (03) 573 5420 for more information. A craft and garden circle meet monthly.
  • Renwick
    Hold their meetings on the 2nd Wednesday each month. They are currently meeting in the Historic Presbyterian Church, Havelock Street Renwick. Meetings start at 1.00pm. Contact women are Noelene Thurlow (03) 554 7378 or Robyn Hynds (03) 579 2297. This group has a very active craft group that meets fortnightly in a member's home.
  • Tea and Tarts 

This WI meets monthly on a Sunday. Their meetings are decided at each preceeding meeting. The contact women are Hannah Price 027 290 2292 or email or Rachel Bishell 021 985 114. This is a vibrant and active group of young women.

The contact woman for the Marlborough Federation is president Hannah Price.
Hannah's contact details are
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