Home and Country is the official magazine of the New Zealand Federation of Women's Institutes.

All the information required for WI members is in this magazine. Interesting articles are there for non-members as well.

In the September / October edition we have

  • WI and the Edgecumbe flood
  • Travel: the heart of the Canadian Rockies
  • The Sophie Elliott Foundation

In the upcoming November /December issue there is

  • Temari Balls
  • Members' excursions
  • Deluxe fruit cake recipe

For all enquiries contact the Home and Country Editor, PO Box 31-412, Lower Hutt 5040  Phone:04 801 5553 and email exec@wi.org.nz

The annual subscription for 6 magazines in 2017 is $NZ 35.00. This includes GST and postage for subscribers in New Zealand. You can purchase the latest issue only for $5.80.

Costs for overseas subscribers in 2017 is $NZ 52.00.

It's time to fund raise if you cannot afford the magazine at under $3 per month.


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